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Cowichan River Tubing

Have you visited Cowichan valley? The Cowichan valley lies between Victoria and Nanaimo. It gets its name from Cowichan first nations which means “land warmed by the sun”. Since Cowichan is the region around Cowichan River, Cowichan Lake, and Cowichan Bay. This opens up scope for water adventures that can help you have a fun-filled holiday and memorable experiences to carry home. However,instead of choosing substandard services of water adventure service providers, you should consider utilizing the services of quality river adventure providers like Orkaadventures.com.



River tubing adventure
River tubing is indeed an outdoor sporting activity that is adventurous and relaxing at the same time. It is also an activity that is ideal for children, middle-aged and older people alike. Therefore, it is a vacation activity that is suitable for the entire family. Also, for those who are traveling with children. The tubing trip typically lasts for over 2 hours and it is indeed packed with fun and entertainment.


What does river tubing adventure entail?
Water tubing trips include the relaxing flat water tubing as well as the slightly adventurous white water tubing where you get to tide over the rapids. However, both these trips are a welcome option on a sizzling summer day. It is indeed an outdoor activity that is refreshing and will help you enjoy the beauty of the natural environment while you float down the river in a tube.

The service providers acquire private river access and additional services that they provide, they ensure that the water tubing adventure is etched as the most memorable experience you have had in your life. Also, you have the option to choose from half-day and full-day trips depending on how long you would want to spend your time outdoors on a warm sunny day. Also, you have guides who ensure you’re your tubing experience is safe and ideal. Moreover, the most interesting part of the Cowichan River Tubing adventure is that you can make picnic stops at small islands that are on the way.



Planning your trip
It is indeed simple to book your river tubing trip online by filling up the basic information that is required to fix up your trip. Booking early will ensure that you get a chance to go on the trip on the day you wish without having to wait. The service providers are ever ready to customize the tips as you please. This way, you will be able to access flat water tubing in the morning and also get to experience the longest white water tubing trips in the afternoon or vice versa. You can also browse through the various deals, and group discount offers, and deal packages and avail of them, depending on your requirements. Also, you can be assured that you have the best guides or instructors who will make the trip interesting, exciting, and memorable for you and your family or friends.


Call now to learn about the trips and make your booking at the earliest to make use of your time outdoors memorable and fun-filled.

All you ought to know about river tubing adventure at Cowichan